All Healing Neem Oil for All Hair Troubles

Introduction: Often we rush the fresh and avant-grade fillip when it comes to hair care. But the wise truth is that throughout the ages, our ancestors have encapsulated much timeless wisdom.

One of them is Neem. Though Neem is not an unfamiliar name in our nation but still many of us not use it often.


So, let’s shed some light on this out of the ordinary herb.

“Neem: The Sprinkler of Nectar” – The wonder tree channeling its curative force in healing human life is imperishable and complete in itself.


And why choose Neem?

Well, the answer is simple;

Its therapeutic marks are dated back to 5000 years.

In India, for most of us Neem has always been a sanctified plant used as a cure for many hair, skin and body ailments.

On the whole, Neem is a tree.

More frequently, leaves and seeds are used for medicinal use. Less frequently, flower and fruit are also utilized.

That’s it.





Now, let’s jump to the benefits of Neem for hair.

There are way too many.

Trust us.


But we are going to touch here few.

  1. Healthy Scalp

Neem is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal in nature that ameliorates the scalp health.

It does it by treating the excess sebum or oil secreted from the scalp that leads to the root damage.


  1. Chuck Out Dandruff and Itching

The chief cause that instigates dandruff and itching is human fungi called Candida.

To be anticipated, Neem will take care of everything that.

And inevitably, it helps with scalp redness and irritation.


  1. Take Life out of those Head Lice

Head lice or nits? Seriously, that is the most irksome state of scalp and hair.

Only Neem can kill those little beasts flowing cleverly on your scalp.

And how it does that?

All credit goes to it’s an insecticidal ingredient known as azadirachtin that helps in disrupting the production of nits.

Together with, use lice comb for best results.


  1. Deal with Eczema Symptoms

Crusting, red, itchy and flaking scalp are all the symptoms of Eczema.

Under this condition, Neem act as a non-steroidal drug loaded with fatty acids and glycerides that break through the damaged outer layer of skin.

Thus, aids in restoring the scalp moisture and health.


In Nutshell

Intrigued? Then give it a try now.

And keep all the hair syndromes at bay with Neem forever.

Nurse back to health.

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2 weeks ago

Nature Veda Care

Get Loaded with Hair on Head with 5 Simple Vegetable Juices

That restless rush to get full swing of hair is the status quo of the modern world. Yes, good hair adds a lot to your personality.
We all know this.
We all try hard to do a lot more positive about that. But the good news here is that you can load up hair on your head with just some simple vegetable juices.
Yes, you read that right. That’s what this blog is really about.
So, buy some bounty of fresh, appetizing veggies to make your tresses strong, long and voluminous.

And why juices are best for hair?
Because the nutrition of juices get absorbed by skin more easily and quickly than anything else.
Now, let’s begin with the wonder list of nature that is a sure-fire way for healthy hair.
1. Coriander Juice
That beautifully shaped greenish staple, garnished on almost every Indian dish is a remarkable health supplement. Drink the juice or apply it directly on the scalp.
Both are effective;
But yes, the magnitude of directly applying the juice on hair is larger especially for controlling hair fall.
2. Garlic Juice
Next on the list is garlic juice which is approvingly advantageous for baldness and issues like alopecia.
It improves blood circulation and prevents hair loss.
A bunch of small, cheap and profitable garlic pieces could bring a lot of nourishing benefits to your hair.
Just, go for it now.
3. Carrot Juice
Carrot juice is rich in beta-carotene that is great for your hair health. And, on the top, it gives you black hair. Its beta-carotene helps to reinstate the natural color of hair. Apply it daily and in just one month your natural healthy bouncy hair is back.
4. Aloe Vera Juice
The benefits of very famous Aloe Vera are endless.
We all know this.
And the best part, you don’t need to shop around for it every once and while. Just buy an Aloe Vera Plant and enjoy its plethora of benefits for lifelong. The enzymes loaded in this slightly prick plant add moisture to the scalp. That in return chucks out all dandruff and itchy scalp. And, all lustrous and supple hair is yours.
5. Cucumber Juice
Cucumber is a staple for most us and during summers we munch them by a basketful. Apply Cucumber juice daily on scalp and hair, and see how the texture and health of your hair perks up.
That’s the way it all supposed to be.
In Nutshell
Vegetable Juice is the slot available to everyone. To get the best benefits, you have to give some extra attention and nourishment to your hair. The road to healthy hair is slightly curved and steep one, not a linear scale.
But, so the rewards are of the mammoth level.
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2 weeks ago

Nature Veda Care

Common Hair Styling Mistakes Lead to Hair Damage

Keeping up with the style trends while managing the hectic lifestyles needs a lot of additional care. In most of the cases, people do not take care of little things while going for hair styling. Overlooking the damage caused by hair styling techniques and products is the prime reason for hair fall.

So, it’s high time to pull your socks up and take care of these mistakes:
1. Tight Ponytails and Topknots
Tight ponytails and topknots do a lot of damage to hair as it generates tension in the roots. Keep them loose and keep those knots for a shorter span of time. Avoid going for a long day of stretched pony or knot.
2. Skipping Heat Protection
Heat makes your hair brittle and weak especially if you skip heat protection. So, next time before using any heating tool make sure to spray your hair with good heat protection sprays.
3. Styling in Humid Area
Humidity makes your hair frizzy that ultimately leads to breakage. Things get worse when you do styling in a humid area. The best place to do styling is a refreshed airy room or an air-conditioned room.
4. Frequently Dying your Hair
Dying or hair coloring surely adds a style statement to your hair. But the sad fact is hair dyes and hair colors also interfere with the keratin which is the natural protein found in hair. So, it’s wise to give your hair break from frequent dying or coloring.
5. Using Wrong Brush
The very common mistake almost everyone commit is using wrong comb or brush. Opt for a wide-toothed brush instead of thin comb or brush. The wide-toothed brush helps to detangle hair easily without causing more pressure on them.
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2 weeks ago

Nature Veda Care

Top 5 Advantages of Hair Spa Treatment

Like your body, the hair also needs de-stress therapy and that is done with hair spa treatment. It acts as a relaxing therapy for your hair that helps in reversing the damage by restoring moisture and vital oils.
The experience is pleasurable with all the nourishing healthy benefits of natural ingredients.

Keep on reading to learn about the benefits of Hair Spa.
1. Strong Hair Roots
Hair roots go dull, undernourished and weak with time and if the foundation is not strong then the hair will never be strong. With hair spa, your hair will get all the nourishing moisture and get revitalized again.
2. Balance Oil Secretions
Greasy and oily hair comes back frequently even after washing hair and we cannot wash them daily. The remedy to this trouble is hair spa. It helps in normalizing the scalp and thus eliminating the oil secretion.
3. Remove Impurities
A deep thorough cleaning of hair cannot be done at home. For proper cleaning and detoxing all toxins from hair, you need to take a good spa treatment. All the hidden toxins will also get cleaned that remains left while shampooing and conditioning.
4. Restore Vital Oils
After the cleansing process is done, the most important part is restoring the vital oils. At hair spa, they nourish your hair with the combination of some good and essential oils for oil. And the impact of them lasts longer on your hair.

5. Combat Dry Scalp
Hair spa will also save you from dry scalp and brittle straw-like strands. Hair spa treatment will properly lubricate your scalp by eliminating all the dead skin cells. Above all, the vital oils will balance everything on your scalp.
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2 weeks ago

Nature Veda Care

Lemongrass Oil – Best Kept Secret of Hair Industry

Hair industry marketing is entirely revolved about coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil and to name a few.
But the truth is they rarely reveal their best-kept hair secrets. And one of their wonder potions for healthy hair is Lemongrass oil.
It’s great for getting thicker hair and for those who want to grow their hairline back.
The market is flooded with zillions of hair care products and only a few of them works really. And lemongrass oil is one of those few ingredients.
Check out the list of some of the amazing benefits of Lemongrass oil:
1. Antimicrobial and Antiseptic
Antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of lemongrass are great for those who are suffering from skin inflammation. In addition, it also prevents hair loss, breakage, and baldness.
2. Adds Potency to Hair Follicles
If you want to fight hair loss then you first have to add potency to hair follicles. Lemongrass is a good source of iron and therefore it adds more strength and power to your hair.
3. Treats Oily Hair
If you are battling with sleek hair lemongrass will turn into your new Bae. While adding to sparkle, lemongrass will help dispose of or lessen the creation of overabundance oil on your hair. What I like best about lemongrass as a treatment for slick hair it likewise functions admirably with other basic and transporter oils making the best hair treatment for your hair needs.
4. Makes Hair Shiny and Silky
Need sparkly hair? Use lemongrass basic oil! It expels overabundance oils on the scalp and hair which keeps your hair looking sleek and sparkling. You can add a couple of drops straightforwardly to your cleanser or conditioner bottle, make a hair wash with it or even make your very own lemongrass cleanser!

On the Ending Note
Wait no more and start using lemongrass for your hair. It’s what all celebrities are really using for getting that wonderful hair.
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4 weeks ago

Nature Veda Care

Everything about Olive Oil for Hair Care

Oils have been flowing effortlessly since through the ancient world of wonders.
Still, after countless years there is no end to the oil treatments ruling the hair
care horizon.
The sky is the when it comes to count the olive oil benefits.
Yeah, olive oil is swiftly gliding over the shelves of dressing room to sail above
the long-lasting haze of popular coconut oil and many other frequently used
hair oil.

What olive is composed of?
Olive oil is fortunately rich in fatty acids, comprising of oleic acid and linoleic
acids. These are highly essential in coating the shaft of hair strands.
The prime culprits behind hair damage are free radicals which can wreck off
the hair health. But say thanks to the rich antioxidant properties of olive oil as
it helps in battling the free radicals damaging the hair.

Who should Use Olive Oil?
Thick Hair
Bestowed with the wonders of thick hair passed over generations and
Then it’s your true pride to lift that thick hair fortune to the new heights. Olive
oil is best-suited for dry and thick hair.
Processed Hair
Relaxers, perms, bleach and plenty of other hair processing techniques come
with the darker deeps of tribulation for hair. To recover and repair your hair

from that damage, you must deep condition your hair with olive oil at least
thrice a week.
Split Ends
Sick of broken, conked out strands of hair? Then olive oil is the high merit
remedy for your hair. Just take few drops of olive oil and apply it over the last
two inches of strands to repair the split ends.
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